Almond Essence vs Almond Extract (4 Great Distinctions)

almond essence vs almond extract

Almond essence and almond extract are both flavoring ingredients gotten from almond nuts. Almond essence is usually manufactured using artificial ingredients. It gives foods such as cakes, cookies, and other baked products the characteristic almond flavor.

We will be outlining the method of preparation, cost, nutritional value and usage for almond essence vs almond extract to come to the conclusion of which is better between both.

Almond extract however has more naturally occurring ingredients compared to almond essence. They are both common items to use in baking. But almond essence vs almond extract which is better? Are they the same?

Can you substitute one for the other? Here’s everything you need to know about almond essence and almond extract!

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Almond Essence vs Almond Extra

Although almond essence and almond extract are both concentrated almond flavoring ingredients that produce similar results, there are some differences between them. Here are some differences;

Method of Preparation

Almond extract is a concentrated flavoring liquid used to gives foods mostly baked goods an almond flavoring. It’s made up of three ingredients: water, bitter almond oil, and ethyl alcohol.

Almond extract is usually made with bitter almonds instead of sweet almonds. This is due to the strong almond flavor bitter almonds provides compared to their sweeter counterparts.

Sometimes however some almond extract may contain no almonds at all, other fruits are used to give it a more “almond-y” flavor instead.

Almond essence, is also a concentrated flavoring liquid just like almond extract and it adds an almond-like flavor to most baked goods such as cookies and cakes.

Almond essence, however, it’s generally manufactured with artificial ingredients. To give it a flavor closely similar to almond extract, it’s made with a synthetic version of benzaldehyde.

How It Is Used

The most common way to use almond extract is when baking, they can be added to different cookies, cakes, and pies recipes. Almond extract adds a nice almond flavor to baked goods. It can also be used in savory dishes, cosmetics, and drinks!

When used in savory dishes, it gives the dish a nutty flavor. Almond extract can also be used in foods that aren’t savory like french toast and oatmeal.

Almond extract can be used in cosmetics as almond oil offers soothing and nourishment for dry skin. Almond extract can also be used as a substitute for vanilla but should be used in reduced quantity.

Lastly, it can be used in different drink recipes. If you desire a rich nutty flavor in your latte or coffee you can add a few drops of almond extract.

Almond essence can be used in a similar way like one would use almond extract. So you can add it to different foods and baked goods.

almond essence can be added to creamy almond soup, almond salad or cookies, and cheesecake. Like almond extract, there are many other foods, almond essence can be used in as well!

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Nutritional Value

There isn’t much difference in the nutritional value of almond extract and almond essence. They both have quite insignificant nutritional value.

One teaspoon of almond extract or almond essence contains roughly 10 calories. It also contains 0.5g sugar,  6.2mg potassium, and 0.4mg sodium.

Some people however may have concerns about bitter almonds being toxic as they produce a small amount of cyanide when eaten raw.

However, when cooked or during the extraction process of the almond oil, they lose their toxicity. This eliminates all risks almond extract poses.


This is one of the significant differences between almond extract and almond essence. Almond extract is much more expensive than almond essence and it may sometimes cost you a double price of almond essence to get almond extract. This however depends on your location or if there are ongoing sales or discounts.

The price of one ounce of almond extract can vary between $1.50-3.50 per ounce while almond essence can cost between $.50-1.50 per ounce. Although this may seem expensive, keep in mind that you don’t use much of it at once.

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Almond essence vs almond extract which is better? Although they are both flavorings, there is a slight difference between almond essence and almond extract.

All of this is broken down in the article above so you can find if one can be used as a substitute for the other.

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