Best Substitute for White Rice (19 Great Alternatives)

best substitute for white rice

White rice is a good meal that supplements other meals, but at some point, for health purposes and a change in taste, there would be a need to substitute white rice for something better.

This need for change in taste or health related reasons forces us to swap our choice of food for a more nutritious one.

The best substitute for white rice includes brown rice, cauliflower rice, quinoa, riced cabbage, edamame pasta, chopped zucchini, broccoli rice, farro, shirakati rice, couscous, mushroom rice, and adlia.

Journey on with us as we discuss more on this.

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Best Substitute for White Rice

As we become more health-conscious, we would be forced to swap our choice of food for more nutritious ones.

This also applies to white rice, hence, we would give a detailed list of the best substitute for white rice.

1. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a good grain to use as a substitute for white rice. It may have a bit more calories than its white rice counterpart, but it is made up of more fibers and proteins.

Putting brown rice in your diet can reduce cholesterol and even assist in restraining blood sugar levels.

Brown rice has a couple of ways where it differs from white rice. It is one of the easiest to get alternatives that have been listed so far.

Also, the barely high carbohydrate content in brown rice would equip you with the stamina to train for quite a long time.

2. Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is known to embody a huge quantity of minerals and antioxidants, and this is what makes it an amazing alternative to white rice.

Cauliflower rice also contains so many health uses, therefore, the change won’t only be in weight loss, but in other health aspects.

An important vitamin for robust cell development in cauliflower is known as folate. Its advantages include radiant skin and glowing color.

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3.  Quinoa

Due to the low net carb of quinoa, it is a quite popular food for meal prep, which is considered a part of a robust meal schedule.

With its great fiber and protein content, quinoa can help you feel full and strong for the whole day, and would still furnish you with enough strength.

4. Riced Cabbage

This is one of the so many healthy alternatives to white rice. Riced cabbage works effectively to make sure that you retain your blood sugar levels.

Riced cabbage is a well-needed calorie vegetable and low carb that is very essential in rice form, this has to do with its mild taste.

It has a lot of vitamin K and this aids blood calcium levels, and also, on the other hand, vitamin C is very needed for your skin.

5. Edamame Pasta

Edamame pasta tastes just like every regular spaghetti pasta. So you should opt for it if you have any thoughts about losing some weight. It equally has some health advantages accrued to it.

It is a good alternative to white rice and has a well-calculated number of plant-based proteins and fiber.

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6. Chopped Zucchini

You can make use of chopped zucchini’s plant-based mixtures to help you resolve digestive issues.

Thus, it is safe to say that chopped zucchini is one of the best substitutes for white rice, this is particularly so for those who suffer from IBS.

Chopped zucchini is quite popular due to its mineral and vitamin uses. It helps with prostate and thyroid cancer-related issues. This helps bolster your bone.

7.  Broccoli Rice

Broccoli rice is an amazing substitute when it comes to meal planning. It stimulates so many nutrients such as vitamin K, C, and E.

It is one of the healthiest and a very good low-carb substitute for white rice, this is because this rice would make sure of a lower-carb meal.

It can equally fill you with the needed potassium, fatty acids, and calcium. Also, broccoli rice can be frozen.

8. Farro

Farro is highly recommended for those suffering from poor heart health or diabetes.

It is also known as a low-carb alternative to white rice which makes it the golden price for those on a keto diet.

Farro has been well-recognized for its several health benefits and it has also been used as a replacement for white rice for a long time.

It is equally a good source of fiber, iron, and magnesium, all of these are very important nutrients required by your body.

9. Shirataki Rice

Shirataki rice enhances your bowel capacity, thereby, lessening the threat that might be posed by sickness while still assisting weight loss.

The reason Shirataki rice is seen as a good alternative to white rice is due to the sort of fiber that can be seen in the noodles.

The fiber of the rice is known to be soluble and equally functions as a prebiotic, this helps boost the number of good bacteria contained within the colon.

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10. Couscous

Couscous is a tasty low-carb white rice alternative that will aid you in weight loss. It will make you free from sugar and fat, Moroccan couscous is a good source of fiber and protein, hence, it can be the best post-workout snack.

11. Mushroom Rice

Mushroom rice gives a spicy flavor to most cookies and can be cooked on the same pan as any of your food without you having any reason to fret.

You can reduce the quantity of white rice in a food by including neatly cut-out mushroom rice, it helps reduce calories in your meal. Mushroom rice also has so many health benefits.

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12. Adlai

Just like quinoa, Adlai possesses a low glycemic index, making it an excellent substitute for white rice.

Adlai also has numerous complex carbohydrates with protein and dietary fiber. This makes it a good source of vitality for its patrons.

13. Bulgur

Bulgur is filled with fiber, it improves your condition while enhancing weight loss and digestion relief.

Since Bulgur is totally grain, it has a lot of useful minerals that can assist in preventing lasting diseases.

14. Barley

Barley can help boost your digestive system, while also staving off the risk of gallbladder and gallstone problems.

If you need help with weight loss, you should consider constantly consuming barley. It is best for weight loss, this has to do with its fiber composition.

It will make you feel satisfied and stuffed for a very long time than white rice.

15. Lentils Rice

Lentil rice is very delicious and inexpensive. It embodies important vitamins and minerals, lentils have high levels of fiber and protein, which makes you retain enthusiasm for the whole day.

Not minding all of this, lentil rice has lower calories than white rice, which makes it a food good for weight loss.

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16. Wild Rice

Another amazing alternative for white rice is wild rice. Wild rice is known to be high in protein, manganese, and fiber. Its whole amazing composition would help keep you contented and strong.

One of the main reasons wild is considered one of the best alternatives to white rice has to do with its low-calorie makeup and also because it helps with weight loss.

17. Cassava

Cassava is known to be very high in carbohydrates and calories. It is an incredible source of vitamin C and riboflavin. These are seen as the major minerals required to conserve energy levels.

If you have this feeling of losing strength during work or while at home, you can use cassava as a nice replacement for white rice.

18. Chickpea Rice

Chickpea rice is a good source of protein and It helps safeguard your strength after a taxing day at work or home.

According to studies, chickpea rice is considered as being way more preferable to white rice, this has to do with the so many health benefits accrued to it.

Chickpea rice can also help you with weight loss, this has to do with the number of calories it possesses, and also because it has a limited sodium level and carbs when compared with rice.

19. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is made of lysine and arginine: these are amino acids that are highly required for kids.

Hence, you can even buy buckwheat for your entire family so that they can enjoy the advantages accrued to it, with you.

Buckwheat would make you feel full even after a long time of consumption, this is because of its lower-calorie level.

It is a well-known gluten-free alternative to white rice that is very good for weight loss, this solely has to do with the protein it contains.

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White rice is a nice food that supplements other major meals, but it is not the best in taste and nutrition.

Once you become more health-conscious, you would see the need to substitute white rice for a more tasty and nutritious one. And also, some of these substitutes for white rice help with weight loss.

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