Can You Freeze Oaxaca Cheese (Find Out)

can you freeze oaxaca cheese 

Oaxaca cheese is also called the Quesilk or Asadero, which is stretch and string from the cow milk that is fresh in originating the Mexican state of the Oaxaca. 

Can You Freeze Oaxaca Cheese? Yes, you can, but if it’s opened, it may affect the overall outcome of the taste.

Oaxaca Cheese has a tangy, milky flavor commonly used for melting cheese. They are known for how tender it is, and their shape is a bundle of a stretched with a wound curd that resembles a ball of yarn.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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What Is Oaxaca Cheese?

It was first created in Etla, a town in Oaxaca in southern Mexico. The flavor is milky with a mild salty tang.

It is always served fresh and torn or shredded of the thin strands topping the dishes like the sandwiches or melting the filling.

If you go to the American grocery store, you will locate it in the cheese section, for we’ll stock supermarkets.

The cheese has son traits with fresh mozzarella and strong American cheese, yet bouncy and firm look stretchy. These pasta filata cheeses are seen in all the cheeses.

When heated, it creates curds that are stretched to form shapes. Typically it looks like a ball. As it is attached to long strands and wounds, the cheese string is produced in various ways. 

How Oaxaca Cheese is Made 

The raw cow milk is heated, cultured, and stirred as the acid is added till the pH of the milk drops so much to add to the rennet. This rennet consists of the coagulates of milk that lead to the semisolid curd that is cut into pieces. 

However, the curds are gently heated, stirred to enhance moisture, and expelled from the curds to stand firmer.  

Stretching the curds into pieces is gathered together to put into hot water to make it soft, looking well shaped in long and thin strips. 

Strips are salted and categorized into softball-sized mass and then cooled before being packaged and sold out. 

Substitutes of Oaxaca Cheese

Different young pasta filata style of cheese includes the mozzarella put together with cow milk or water buffalo or the Armenian string cheese.

They can be a substitute for Oaxaca cheese in using them like the sandwiches or the shredding over dishes. 

The fresh mozzarella can be typically used for dishes like pizza when melting. It has various melting, including mild Cheddar Colby and Monterey Jack, as the flavor will be different. 

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Can You Freeze Oaxaca Cheese?

You can keep an unopened Oaxaca cheese in the fridge. However, when it is open, you have to wrap it properly in plastic or seal it into airtight plastic.

You can also keep Oaxaca cheese in the refrigerator for a week, and if you observe the cheese, you have to discard it.

If you freeze the Oaxaca cheese, it will affect its texture for new applications, but the cheese can melt during cooking when it is frozen or thawed.

Make sure you freeze the unopened Oaxaca for the original vacuum-sealed plastic used to package it.

You can also put it in a plastic bag before placing it in the freezer. It could be the freeze for three months, and it could be thawed in the refrigerator the night before using.

Uses of Oaxaca Cheese

The Oaxaca cheese could be used in Mexican dishes and many more. For instance, the tortas or cemitas that surround by the salsa verde to bake with the queso fundido.

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The Oaxaca has an excellent filling for dishes to look like Chile Relleno, fried poblano with peppers stuffed hotly, and the gooey melted. It usually melts inside due to classic cheese.

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