How to Cook Green Onion Sausage (7 Easy Steps)

how to cook green onion sausage

Green onion sausage elicits a lot of fond childhood memories for most people. The smell and excitement we always felt when our parents made it is something most people would always cherish.

Strangely enough, green onion sausage happens to be peculiar to South Carolina, Louisiana, et cetera. Outside these places, not many people know what it is. But learning how to cook green onion sausage is a great skill to gain.

To cook green onion sausage on a stovetop, first, spray your cast iron skillet with cooking spray, then put your sausage on the skillet and on your gas stove, thereafter cook over medium heat till it gets brown, once it gets brown, slightly reduce the heat of the gas stove and pour little water into the skillet and leave for 12 minutes to properly cook and bring down.

This article will try to remedy that by teaching you how to cook green onion sausage and a few recipes and some of its health benefits.

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History of Green Onion Sausage

The history of green onion sausage is a fun one. It originated from some Spanish settlers trying to make a dish called Chorizo (a Spanish delicacy made with pork, smoked paprika and garlic).

Sadly, that was impossible because the ingredients needed to make them were unavailable.

As a result, they had to make the best of their situation by using the ingredients readily available to them. Ingredients such as pork and green onions were in abundance.

So, it is safe to say green onion sausage is a product of the famous adage “necessity is the mother of invention” or “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and more.

Regardless of its origin, green onion is a delicious meal well-loved by the beautiful people of Louisiana like myself.

How to Cook Green Onion Sausage

There are several ways to cook green onion sausage. In this article, I’ll teach you several ways to cook green onion sausage.

You can cook green onion sausage by boiling, frying or grilling.

You can also cook them on stovetops, ovens, et cetera. These are some of the ways to cook your favourite green oil sausage;

How to Cook Green Onion Sausage on Stovetop

  • Firstly, you spray your cast iron skillet with cooking spray.
  • Place your sausage on the skillet and put it on your gas stove.
  • Cook over medium heat till it gets brown. A period of five minutes should be sufficient. Endeavour to keep turning the sausage to enable it to cook properly.
  • Once it gets brown, slightly reduce the heat of the gas stove.
  • Pour little water into the skillet with the brown sausages.
  • Leave for 12 minutes to properly cook and bring down.
  • Let it cool for a bit and serve.

Can You Boil Sausage Before Frying It?

Yes, you can. It is often advised to boil your sausages before frying to lock the sausages’ ingredients.

How Long Does It Take To Boil Sausage Before Frying?

It takes somewhere between 10 to 15 minutes to boil before frying correctly. So firstly, you put the number of sausages you want to be fried in a cast-iron skillet and add some water.

Next, pour enough water to cover the sausages and cook until they turn grey (usually takes 10 to 15 minutes). After that, you fry the cooked sausages till they turn nice and brown.

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How to Make Homemade Green Onion Sausage

Making the perfect green onion sausage can be time-consuming, but it is worth it. To make the ideal green onion sausage, you need to have all the tools and ingredients required.

First of all, pork butts are not sold all the time, and they’re usually sold once a quarter, so you must plan accordingly.

It will also be an excellent opportunity to stock up. Making your sausages with other meat makes it possible, but pork is still often needed to complement them.

After that, you need to get hog casings, which can be easily sourced at your butcher store.

That’s not nearly all, and you still have to make plans for a meat grinder and a sausage stuffer.

Then, after getting the grinder and the sausage stuffer, it is time to get a sausage casing stuffer to make the process easier and faster.

Lastly, get some plastic gloves if you find it gross mixing raw meat with your bare hands like me.

Ensure you have the tools and ingredients (pork butt) listed above before proceeding to the next stage, which is procuring the easily sourced ingredients such as;

  • A few pounds of fresh ground pork.
  • Chopped green onions.
  • Some minced onions.
  • Some minced fresh parsley.
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Some cinnamon
  • Salt
  • Fresh ground pepper.

Pork butt is usually the best part of pork meat to make green onion sausage, and it usually costs a lot less to ground them yourself using a meat grinder.

 After grinding the pork, mix it with the following ingredients; chopped green onions, minced onions, minced fresh parsley, the red pepper flakes, salt, cinnamon and the cayenne pepper.

Mix with both hands and ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

When sure all the ingredients have been adequately mixed, place them in the refrigerator to cool for an hour.

Take a small quantity to cook and taste for seasoning. Add some more seasoning if appropriate.

Stuff your sausage casings by following the instructions on your sausage stuffer.

After stuffing and forming the links, you place them on your countertops and let them air-dry overnight.

After Air Drying, Freeze Till You’re Ready to Use

Like I said earlier, making green onion sausage is time-consuming. It takes a minimum of 24 hours or 48 hours in some cases to get it done.

Asides from the time needed to make the actual green onion sausage, it also takes weeks to plan because ingredients such as pork butt are not readily available.

Is Green Onion Sausage Healthy?

For every 75 g of green onion sausage, you get the following;

Calories 174, total fat 15g, saturated fat 5g, cholesterol 60mg, sodium 496mg, carbohydrates 3g, sugar 1g, Protein 11g, vitamin A 2.7mg, vitamin C 1.8mg, calcium 30mg.

The presence of meat makes it an essential source of protein which is very important to our overall health system.

But it also contains harmful chemicals such as sodium, cholesterol, and fats.

These chemicals are the leading causes of several heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity and several others.

Sodium at 496mg is high and unhealthy. Frequent consumption of this meal can lead to fatal health consequences.

Moderation is key when eating this meal. Occasional consumption of foods such as this is not likely to cause health complications.

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The people of Louisiana have long enjoyed this unique delicacy, and just in case you were willing to give it a try, the article has described how to cook green onion sausage in great detail.

The article also explained how to make the sausages, the health benefit and the history of green onion sausage.

So there you have your answers about how to cook green onion sausage and we hope you found the answer both helpful and enlightening.

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